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Next AutoIndex 3.0 - Master Autoindex Rebuild

This release is mainly a security patch. Actually this release is all
about fixing bugs, vulnerabilities etc. From next releases I will try to improve & enhance the features section.
I'm working on Mp3 Bitrate Converter, Video Watermark & Automatic ping to search systems.
- Added RSS Feed
- Option added to Edit Robots file from AdminCP
- Fixed Plugin Market Issues on Free Hosting
- Fixed reflected XSS in Search Input
- MySQL error solved(on long file names)
- Sitemap issue fixed(blank page, directory is being treating as file, space/unicode issues etc.)
- Deprecated php functions are updated with new alternatives
- And few core touch(official secret) winking

Files Affected:
- sitemap.php - Since v.2.0
- admincp/actions.php - Since v1.0
- admincp/index.php - Since v1.0
- admincp/plugin_market.php - Since v1.0
- tpl/* - - Since v1.0
- rss.php - since v.3.0 (added)
- index.php - Since v1.0
- file.php - - Since v1.0
- lib/functions.php - Since v1.0
- .htaccess - Since v1.0

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    wow nice it

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      Nice wor

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        Nice work

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          demo link dead demo :
          modified one...