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[SHARE]Best Autoindex Shared By Pavel#1
On: Sun 29-Nov-2015 02:04:55

I Am Going To Share One Of The Best Autoindex Ever

Its Features :

* Vedio Watermark (Ffmpeg Required)
* Audio Bitrate Conversion (Ffmpeg Required)
* All Type Preview (Ffmpeg Required For Vedio)
* Easy To Use Admin Panel
* 8 Ad System Placement And Editable
* Header & Footer Editable
* Full Decoded
* Search Option
* Related File Option
* Fully Secure
* Seo Friendly
* Auto Mp3 Tag
* All Option Can Be Edit From Admin Panel
* Easy Install Proccess

Installations :

* First Create Database
* Run Yoursite.ext/install
* Fill The Require Form

Requirements :
* Php Version : 5.4
* Mysql
* Ffmpeg

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    how to created database am new in php plz plz me to created database step by step